Rent One's Region 2 and Rent n Roll(Marion) Great Expectation Foundation, founded by Owners Larry and Sharon Carrico, donates to the Southern Illinois Poshard Foundation for Abused Children as their Charity of Choice in 2015.

The Poshard Foundation was founded by former U.S. Congressman Glenn Poshard and his wife, Jo. Glenn and Jo stated, "This generous donation from Rent One will allow us to purchase beds for children in southern Illinois who are presently sleeping on floors and couches. These children have already suffered from abuse, abandonment, neglect, and frightening circumstances.

Beds purchased with "Beds for Kids" donations will provide a child something he or she may never have had before - a safe and warm place to sleep." "We are also grateful for the assistance Rent One has provided for car seats for high risk, impoverished families.

Because of the expense of car seats, very few programs and agencies are able to offer this equipment to families in financial need. With these funds we can purchase car seats which, in turn, will be provided to our local agencies in order that a child has a safe way home from the hospital and a safe way to travel."

     Pictured during the donation presentation, L-R Vic Turner, Poshard Foundation Volunteer, Congressman Glenn Poshard, Jo Poshard, Rent One's Region Director Kelly Martin, Vice President Mark Williams and Rent n Roll President Rich Bergman

Poshard Foundation Distributes $100,000 to Agencies Advocating for Area Children

Carterville, IL - Jo and Glenn Poshard, co-founders of the Poshard Foundation for Abused and Neglected Children at John A. Logan College, passed out checks earlier this month to 12 different Southern Illinois agencies totaling $100,000.

Recipients include: the Amy Center of Mount Vernon; Baptist Children's Home and Family Services of Carmi; Cairo Women's Shelter, Inc.; Caritas Family Solutions of Carterville; Family Counseling Center in Golconda; Hoyleton Ministries; Lutheran Social Services of Illinois in Marion; the Night's Shield Children's Shelter of West Frankfort; Two Rivers Child Advocacy Center of Anna; United Methodist Children's Home of Mount Vernon; the Women's Center of Carbondale; and the Williamson County Child's Advocacy Center of Herrin.

"In light of the budget crisis in the state, which has led to a decrease in funding for many social service agencies, the Poshard Foundation is making additional grant funds available to provide direct counseling to abused, abandoned, and neglected children in Southern Illinois," said Jo Poshard. "All children deserve the opportunity to be safe and free of abuse. We hope that these funds will help make that happen."

Williamson County Child Advocacy Center spokesperson Leah Brown said the money will be put to good use.

"We are going to continue our trauma focus therapy with our children," she said. "All of the kids who come to us are in crisis and this money will allow the children to have some one-on-one time with therapists to help them work through issues without a break in services."

Williamson County Child Advocacy Center serves about 200 children a year.

Sherrie Crabb with the Family Counseling Center in Golconda said she plans to use the money to retain staff.

"Because of the state budget impasse, we have had to lay off staff and reduce hours of other staff members who were in the process of being trained for trauma focus," Crabb said. "So with this money, we'll be able to bring them back to full-time status. Until now, we have had to put some services on hold and not serve as many children and families like we would normally. Now, we can get that going again."

Last year, the Family Counseling Center served 1,200 children and more than 1,100 served already this year.

For more information on making a donation to the Poshard Foundation, call Jo Poshard at 618-985-2828, X8564 or via email at

     Pictured are representatives with 12 different Southern Illinois agencies that work to help abused and neglected children of the region. On Wednesday, the John A. Logan College-based Poshard Foundation donated $100,000 to those agency representatives to assist in the providing of services for the children. (Logan Media Services photo by John D. Homan)

     John A. Logan College interim president, Dr. Ron House, meets with Jo Poshard, co-founder of the Poshard Foundation for Abused and Neglected Children. (Logan Media Services photo by John D. Homan)

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